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OOur Stopryty

The third record from the the The Interociter, The Interociter Did Not Make It After All

Spontwneoislt generated from a pile of rags and cheese

The Interociter is that is

Simon, a Simon Fink

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Wha interocitor? no,the Interociter Inspires Usuintinterocitererociter

Fall in like all over again maybe

  • Sam Sam a Grossman Man. He is sharing interociter and pastimes, we all are inspireintinterocitererociterd by dmeaning. did Not make it after all. Bu t things that lead us to work and seamlessly in a creative sitting. We take turkey as a weapon, and writing lyrics meaning. so we are all investing so meaningfully. in each song and its meaning. memeaning. meaning. meaning. 

Sam Mike Simon Matt Rrrrryan Tom Jefffff Dan

MainE Main E we’re  
main Ein Maine and virile  in vermont was the way are the man of the man and

  1. Our music bleeds rock, 
  3. MIKE
  4. acointerociteruinterociterstic melodies, and SINGLETARY tronic to create a eunuch sound. Our lyrics are personcornown lives. We’ve written about the yoooexcitement of the unravel alone, young love, and getting SANDWICHES  interociter

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The Interociter c/o the Motorcade of Love